Such stories

things, and then all the rest. They are not ashamed of anyone

beating his elderly parents, and confiscating their retirement,

sharing living space and expelling them into the street. Such stories

very much, sad, very sad ...

I sometimes think, but whether I do this or that

case, do not be offended if I close my words or actions?

The first and most important criticism - a criticism to himself

"Beloved", and then the people around them. Generally,

we all need to reflect on this topic. Time is fleeting, and

next to us while there are native people, which we sometimes do not

or we notice them is not enough time, we are "afraid"

help them once again, ignoring their requests, do not ask

questions about health, do not find the money to give them

parents for a trip to the sea on vacation or resort ....

All the matter is that each of us is focused on


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