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Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia occurs when the body loses iron, and lead to complications: miscarriage, toxemia, the weakness of labor, bleeding. What to do, our blood is based on iron (hemoglobin), and iron is necessary for us to absorb oxygen from the air. And the child, keep in mind, too, not enough oxygen. Not enough now not to be missed, and after birth. And as in the first weeks of his life food is not so rich in iron, you have to help him now.

How does it manifest?

Rather, before you notice anemia physician who you periodically allocates different analyzes, including the analysis of blood. Weakness, lethargy, sensitivity to the stifling atmosphere - you are likely to accept it for fatigue.

What to do?

To replenish iron stores, chew cloves, you know, meaningless ©. Contrary to popular belief, are not very helpful in this case apples, pomegranates and spinach. But meat, fish, liver, buckwheat - that is exactly what you need.


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