I urge you not to starve

The notion that an expectant mother should eat for two, completely absurd. you, of course, now two, but you will see the corresponding section of the book and see how much your baby weighs now. Is there such a pipsqueak able to eat as much as a grown woman? Overeating "for two", you load the extra work of your digestive tract, GROW folds of fat not only on the stomach, but also in other parts of the body, load overweight its skeleton, which is already exposed to the onslaught of raging hormones in you (ie under the influence certain hormones from the bones leaches calcium), create an unnecessary burden on the muscles and ligaments. And the heart is also not an iron. In addition, it can disrupt the endocrine system - think gifts such as diabetes, you do not like.

I urge you not to starve and curb weight of all the forces. However, you can abandon low-value foods rich in digestible carbohydrates only, in favor of high-protein, essential fats, minerals and vitamins.

With fried and greasy better to leave permanently. Such dishes worse digested stomach, and the stomach you, even if previously worked well, very soon will be seen propped up from below, and certainly in some way begin to react. In addition, your body is now very busy, and if you'll often ask him to string up to develop more and serve to break down fat enzymes, it may absolutely not like.


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