I was pleased

even squeeze feet, here and sat on the right half

three seats. But I did not care, I was happy that

going home.

"I called Irke and her masseuse. She and

says, you know that quite sbrendil child to hospital

lucky? It now just stumbles injections, syringes. You

is it necessary? "- began to tell my mother. - That after these words I

immediately and call a taxi. "

"And we drove up, everything is closed - connected to

conversation husband. - So I began to peck foot in the door to

heard and discovered. "

I was pleased that my family can mountain for us

stand. I have not calmed down, but I was already a little

better: their next.

Frankly about childbirth

Just not in the hospital ...

"All right, my wife! Well, it was necessary to healthy


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