Bed in the bedroom

The bedroom should not be passing room to outsiders could not disturb sleep. Bed in the bedroom need to put such a way that a woman lying on her immediately could see into the room, without turning his head at the same time more than 45 °. In that case, if you change the position of the bed is not possible, it is recommended to hang a mirror, which reflects the door.

The bed has a headboard to the wall stand. In this case, a woman, even in a dream will feel secure. But put the bed in front of the window is not recommended: chi that enters the house through the window, just

can also leave it. In any case should not stand bed footboard to the door in this case it is associated with the coffin.

Put the bed properly and do not overdo it - relax on your needs.

Beauty and Pregnancy

Each woman during pregnancy want to be attractive and well-groomed, but do not forget that not all cosmetic procedures suitable future mummies.


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