Then I told her: "You there

General, as he says, to pay, then pay ... "-

she said. I called the general manager, who at

Russian apparently only knew a few words, such as "vodka",

"Girls", "money" ... From my words he did not understand, in

Basically, it is bad and I understand his confusion of words and

cases. Just realized that I need to call this

subject to the chief accountant. I called again glavbushke and

she told me: "I do not decide the general call." Overall,

bastards sent me to each other. Then I told her: "You

there with the general sort it out themselves, me to Kaluga

far to go. He told you to do it like on

law. So, if you do not want trouble from the tax,

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

the Social Security or visit the court, the sick leave you me

pay themselves without scandals. But these costs

social insurance reimburses you after the date of the quarterly reports! "


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