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Drink 0.5 cups 3 times

All of the charges, which have a diuretic effect, can take a long time.

Mix 5 parts oats, grass succession, berries, currants, 3 of the grass sushenitsy, 2 parts chamomile, calendula, leaves, cranberries, birch, crushed hips, 1.5 parts heather grass, 1 part fennel fruits. 1 tablespoon collection pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for 1 hour, drain. Drink 0.5 cups 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

Collection of 5

Mix 5 parts oats, fruits, blueberry and strawberry leaves, grass sushenitsy 4 parts, 3 parts chamomile and calendula, 2.5 parts horsetail grass, leaves, cranberries and lungwort, 2 parts of flowers cornflower and birch leaf, 1 part grass heath. 1 tablespoon collection pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for 1 hour, drain. Drink 0.5 cups 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

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Heard of the rooms

Saw so over me laughing and joking. And I honestly

speaking on someone else's opinion has always been deeply care.

After a while, after eating and drinking vodka, a couple of steel

diverge by rooms: podzhenishnik with podnevestnitsey - in

One Marina with a new friend - in the other, and I with this

curly man remained in the kitchen. Heard of the rooms

oohs and aahs. I was wondering: how Marina on the second

day of our acquaintance, could lie with a complete stranger

guy in bed? After all, in college she was a "gray"

mouse, just scared and shy?

Kinky guy began to invite me to go with him

room, but I unlocked. Then he said, "Let me show

you what repairs here makes our boss. " "Come on," - Foolish

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Carefully straighten

Omit baby.

Lower part conduct between legs baby.

Open ears - Velcro and anchoring first with one hand, then with other.

Carefully straighten Cuff around legs. If it not do it more rough part can Grate skin baby and diaper will flounder in side.

Change diaper necessary before food and after eating, before sleep before walk after walks. In average 1 time in 2:00.

We clean spout

First time put child enema was scary. But it turns out clean him nose - More scarier. Topics more when too imagine themselves as this do. Topics more if at has a cold. Read more -->

Male sex hormone

Formula of Love

Did you know that love can be considered a chemical process? Indeed, even at the sight of a loved one in the body chemical reactions! Responsible for these processes are hormones that are produced in the body, depending on the particular situation. We'll talk more about them and try to understand what makes a woman a woman and a man a man and what gives them the ability to love.

Male sex hormone is testosterone, and women - estrogen. They form a purely male and purely female behavior.

And when we see that a woman is more like a man temperament or movements, we say that it has too many male hormones. Testosterone makes a man manly and estrogen a woman - feminine.

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He was not even going

hour. So I had to start again putting

his diapers. I talked about this with ne

diatremes. He advised to leave the child alone,

but I think that at his age it is time to teach

smiling potty.

He was not even going to do it!

I have two children: son is years and months, RON

ke months. Son, I started to teach to the pot to

always he was years old. Until now it is not stubborn

smiling and wrote almost always when I planted it on

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Intervals between

This condition should not cause concern. Only requires compliance with toilets in the area. Genitals girls wash under warm running water front to the stool did not get into the vagina.

Mode of feeding

It should be useful for the baby and convenient for parents. There concept of free feeding when the baby shows himself that he wants to have (any number of times per day), and a flexible feeding regime: the reduction of the amount of feedings to a reasonable number, more or less certain

clock, and termination night feedings once this baby is ready.

Intervals between feedings increase with weight baby. A child with a weight of 2.5 to 3 kg usually needs feeding with 3 - hour period, at least - 2 hour. With a weight of 4-4.5 kg children normally accept a 4-hour break.

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By "doberemennomu" size

It is thanks to the high content of adrenaline he takes the first breath and utters the first cry.

Mom is resting, because the forces of childbirth she took a lot. Can be felt chills and shivering. Gradually decreases heart rate and blood returns to normal pressure.


After a short rest again appear bout - already maloboleznennye. The uterus contracts and gets rid of the placenta. As a rule, for the birth of the placenta , only one pushing.

Last examined by a doctor: the latter must be an integer, not a single piece should not be left in the uterus.

As a rule, the birth of the placenta takes less than half an hour.

After that, the uterus is sharply reduced. By "doberemennomu" size it will return in the coming days.

Possible deviations from the norm during childbirth

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