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Some doctors resort

Preparing a child for vaccination

Healthy children do not need to specifically prepare for grafting, just need to pre-measure the body temperature (it should be normal in children under 1 year normal temperature can be 37,1-37,2 degrees at the expense of features heat), to bring the child to a specialist and answer his questions.

Some doctors resort to prescribing practices for all children before vaccination, prophylactic, antiallergic drugs reception. In fact, this "embracing" is not necessary. Not all children are prone to allergies and therefore do not need all of these medications. But if a child is prone to allergic reactions, the prophylactic use of antiallergic drugs is justified.

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Then I told her: "You there

General, as he says, to pay, then pay ... "-

she said. I called the general manager, who at

Russian apparently only knew a few words, such as "vodka",

"Girls", "money" ... From my words he did not understand, in

Basically, it is bad and I understand his confusion of words and

cases. Just realized that I need to call this

subject to the chief accountant. I called again glavbushke and

she told me: "I do not decide the general call." Overall,

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Swelling gradually

The disease begins with the development pastosion (pronounced swelling of the skin), and then there are swelling in the feet and legs. Swelling gradually extend to all legs, the front wall of the abdomen and all the body. Then face swells. This pathological condition is most easily detected by regular weighing: growth at 500-1000 g per week is a sure sign of hydrocephalus, even if the woman does not look edema: swelling in some cases there are hidden. At this stage toxicity woman feels well, blood pressure and urine are normal, heart, kidneys and other organs are functioning normally. But it is still important to recognize the beginning complication and early treatment, otherwise it will progress.

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Bed in the bedroom

The bedroom should not be passing room to outsiders could not disturb sleep. Bed in the bedroom need to put such a way that a woman lying on her immediately could see into the room, without turning his head at the same time more than 45 °. In that case, if you change the position of the bed is not possible, it is recommended to hang a mirror, which reflects the door.

The bed has a headboard to the wall stand. In this case, a woman, even in a dream will feel secure. But put the bed in front of the window is not recommended: chi that enters the house through the window, just

can also leave it. In any case should not stand bed footboard to the door in this case it is associated with the coffin.

Put the bed properly and do not overdo it - relax on your needs.

Beauty and Pregnancy

Each woman during pregnancy want to be attractive and well-groomed, but do not forget that not all cosmetic procedures suitable future mummies.

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I was pleased

even squeeze feet, here and sat on the right half

three seats. But I did not care, I was happy that

going home.

"I called Irke and her masseuse. She and

says, you know that quite sbrendil child to hospital

lucky? It now just stumbles injections, syringes. You

is it necessary? "- began to tell my mother. - That after these words I

immediately and call a taxi. "

"And we drove up, everything is closed - connected to

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I urge you not to starve

The notion that an expectant mother should eat for two, completely absurd. you, of course, now two, but you will see the corresponding section of the book and see how much your baby weighs now. Is there such a pipsqueak able to eat as much as a grown woman? Overeating "for two", you load the extra work of your digestive tract, GROW folds of fat not only on the stomach, but also in other parts of the body, load overweight its skeleton, which is already exposed to the onslaught of raging hormones in you (ie under the influence certain hormones from the bones leaches calcium), create an unnecessary burden on the muscles and ligaments. And the heart is also not an iron. In addition, it can disrupt the endocrine system - think gifts such as diabetes, you do not like.

I urge you not to starve and curb weight of all the forces. However, you can abandon low-value foods rich in digestible carbohydrates only, in favor of high-protein, essential fats, minerals and vitamins.

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Mom must immediately

Such behavior is not necessary to lead to the absurd. Mom must immediately react if a child is really tired, sleepy, something frightened, etc. And to distinguish one from another is possible only on their own experience.

Do not rush to take any action until you know the true cause of capricious behavior of the child.

Baby in car

Before the trip, make sure that the child seat is properly installed in your car and the child will be protected. You should not rely on what you're going to go slow. You also should not rely on the fact that your hands will keep the child, even if you do use seat belts.

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