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Each diaper change

Change the diaper

This will facilitate

Labor during pregnancyWhen a pregnant woman sitting work better put your feet on the stand, or several times a day to shift them to the semi-detached chair

Gastrointestinal tract

etc.Consider also that during pregnancy you have changed a little and medication can not give the effect you would expect: it may be individual sensitivity to a particular drug, an allergic reaction appear

Put in a serving

Ingredients3-4 tomatoes, 50 g of herring fillets, 2 salted cucumber, 1 onion, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, salt to taste.Method of preparationTomatoes washed and cut into slices

There are cases

Edited and published on the site: PRESSI (HERSON)Vitamins and mineralsBefore proceeding to a detailed examination of these definitely important for us batteries, think about the dosage

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some of the staff

Drink 0.5 cups 3 times

All of the charges, which have a diuretic effect, can take a long time.Mix 5 parts oats, grass succession, berries, currants, 3 of the grass sushenitsy, 2 parts chamomile, calendula, leaves, cranberries, birch, crushed hips, 1.5 parts heather grass, 1 part fennel fruits

Heard of the rooms

Saw so over me laughing and joking

Carefully straighten

Omit baby. Lower part conduct between legs baby. Open ears - Velcro and anchoring first with one hand, then with other. Carefully straighten Cuff around legs

Male sex hormone

Formula of LoveDid you know that love can be considered a chemical process? Indeed, even at the sight of a loved one in the body chemical reactions! Responsible for these processes are hormones that are produced in the body, depending on the particular situation

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Intervals between

This condition should not cause concern

By "doberemennomu" size

It is thanks to the high content of adrenaline he takes the first breath and utters the first cry.Mom is resting, because the forces of childbirth she took a lot

Some doctors resort

Preparing a child for vaccinationHealthy children do not need to specifically prepare for grafting, just need to pre-measure the body temperature (it should be normal in children under 1 year normal temperature can be 37,1-37,2 degrees at the expense of features heat), to bring the child to a specialist and answer his questions.Some doctors resort to prescribing practices for all children before vaccination, prophylactic, antiallergic drugs reception

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General, as he says, to pay, then pay ..

Swelling gradually

The disease begins with the development pastosion (pronounced swelling of the skin), and then there are swelling in the feet and legs

Bed in the bedroom

The bedroom should not be passing room to outsiders could not disturb sleep

I was pleased

even squeeze feet, here and sat on the right halfthree seats

I urge you not to starve

The notion that an expectant mother should eat for two, completely absurd

Mom must immediately

Such behavior is not necessary to lead to the absurd

A woman has time

Mother's positive attitude to this world and passed the child - the ability to enjoy life, ability to relax, an opportunity for creativity, spirituality, a sense of harmony

I was attracted

chambers, communicating with other patients

GREET average finger

good works

And as in the first

Iron deficiency anemiaIron deficiency anemia occurs when the body loses iron, and lead to complications: miscarriage, toxemia, the weakness of labor, bleeding

My dad wears

example, if the child does not want to wear sweatpanties and requires diaper, explain to him that in needbut wearing panties, not diapers, phrases: "Childrenwear diapers

Such stories

things, and then all the rest


Edited and published on the site: PRESSI (HERSON)criteria should be determined only by the child's weight, and may be focused on an earlier statement."Hospital smiling child"WHO (I think you will not deny that this organization is the medicine that I called here the official) was not limited to some recommendations for obstetrics


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  • Each diaper change
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